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2000-2006 Lincoln LS LS SWAP Engine Mounts

2000-2006 Lincoln LS LS SWAP Engine Mounts

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Lincoln LS LS Swap engine mounts to mount any of the following engines 4.8, 5.3, 5.7 (LS1), 6.0 (LS2) , 6.2 (LS3), 7.0 (LS7) in a 2001-2006 Lincoln LS.


Engine mounts are a direct fit, no welding, grinding, or fabrication required

, they bolt directly into the stock subframe and bolt pattern on LS blocks using front sump Moroso 20146 or 20138 oil pan and Fbody accessory drives.


It may be possible to use other accesory drives, but you will either have to relocate the front sway bar, or notch your subframe to allow the engine to go further back.


This kit is designed to work with a "block hugger" or "tight tuck" 1-3/4" headers but expect to have to do some modification to the header around the steering shaft as it will likely interfere. Long tubes will not fit without serious modification.


If you want more information on what it takes to swap your lincoln checkout our blog here


(1) purchase provides you with a full engine mount kit and hardware.

Will take 1-2 weeks to prepare and ship each mount kit.


For off road use only, *not intended to be used on the street* see our Disclaimer.

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