By acquiring any product manufactured and offered by Stu Kelly Motorsports Inc., you accept full responsibility for the utilization and potential misuse of the product. You agree that Stu Kelly Motorsports Inc. bears no responsibility for any consequences, whether legal or otherwise, resulting from such use or misuse. Stu Kelly Motorsports expressly disclaims any and all liability for special, direct, incidental, or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, loss of life, limb, or damages due to bodily or personal injury, arising from the sale, installation, or use of any of its products and parts.

Under no circumstances is your vehicle, post-installation of Stu Kelly Motorsports parts or after services performed on your vehicle by Stu Kelly Motorsports, to be utilized on public roads or streets. The installation of Stu Kelly Motorsports products or parts may have adverse effects on other vehicle components, safety equipment, or manufactured goods (collectively referred to as "goods"). Stu Kelly Motorsports assumes no responsibility for any damage to other goods or bodily injury that may occur due to the failure of other goods, resulting from the installation and/or use, whether proper or improper, of its products or parts.

All Stu Kelly Motorsports products, including those sourced from third-party manufacturers and sold to you, as well as any mechanical services performed on your motor vehicle by Stu Kelly Motorsports, are exclusively intended for race application. These products are designed for use only on vehicles intended to be operated in a certified racing facility or racing event. All parts provided to you by Stu Kelly Motorsports, including those sourced from third-party manufacturers, are to be installed by a licensed mechanic.

By acknowledging this disclaimer, you recognize that you assume the entire risk of harm to yourself and others that may result from the purchase and use of Stu Kelly Motorsports Products. This acknowledgment stands irrespective of the failure of any part supplied by Stu Kelly Motorsports to you or the performance of any service by Stu Kelly Motorsports on your motor vehicle.