The Driver

Story of The Owner/Driver

Stu Kelly - A 27 year old Motorsport Enthusiast whose passion for drifting has pushed him to design and create parts for the Mazda Rx7 and Lincoln LS Platform. I competed in the Midwest Drift Union Pro-Am from 2012- 2017 with a Rotary, and Turbo LS Swapped Mazda Rx7. Through the years of competing I learned tons about myself as well as how to run a small Motorsports business/team. In 2018 I decided to rethink how I wanted to spend my money in drifting and built a Lincoln LS drift car. I always loved the look of the Lincoln LS platform, and also wanted to be apart of an upcoming business idea called Drift Taxi. The idea of this business was to go to various Motorsports events outside of drifting and give fans rides in our 4 door fully caged drift cars. Today I am a part of the Drift Taxi team with my Lincoln LS and continue to compete in smaller events. So far this year in 2020 I have been on the podium twice in this new Lincoln LS chassis, and am personally surprised on how well this car drives. Follow me on social media as we continue to write this story with this Lincoln LS Drift Taxi!