Solid one piece dowels for sale brand new! This kit will require you to do the rear iron external oil mod or have an external oil filter that reroutes to the front iron. *see picture example**Note* During assembly you will have to use the stock dowels to line up the irons and housings then once you put the intermediate iron on you can remove the stock dowels and insert your new one piece dowels.(Not to be confused with "dowel pinning" two solid one piece dowels simply replace the four that are used to align the housings and irons. This helps cut down on engine vibrations and twisting with high horsepower builds)Purchasing (1) of these gets you a full set of (TWO) Dowels which is all that is required for a full engine assembly.If you would like to order ONE dowel (no oil mod required) we can send you one for half price. Just send us an email or pm on our facebook page. 

13B Solid Engine Dowels

$99.99 Regular Price
$64.99Sale Price