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2001 Lincoln LS "LS^2 Drift Spec"

A short description of where we started with this build and where it is now!


Started with a Vision

I have always liked the look of the 01-06 Lincoln LS, and thought it would be cool to turn one into a drift car with 4 seats and a full cage to support. We decided to build an N/A all out 5.3L, and mate it up to a 6 Speed 350z transmission (CD009). The engine ended up making right at 400hp at the very top of 7000RPM.  Think rotary but a V8 powerband. 

From fun car to comp car.

Being the competitive person that I am, after the car was completed with the 5.3 and full cage I decided to enter a local competition and see how it went. To my absolute surprise the car was a ripper, I qualified first, and finished second.


The event that changed my viewpoint

Our local series (Riverside Drift) had the opportunity to host a street competition event, and I signed up with no hesitation. I didn't perform as good as I hoped at this event, but it made me realize that this car could be really great, it just needed a bit more power. 

The LS^2 Today

I decided it was time to upgrade the power, and purchased an LS3 to build and install in the Lincoln. This engine makes 460hp to the wheel and we gave it a complete makeover with widebody fenders and a full gloss black paint job!

I know for certain this is not the final version of this car, as time goes on and I have the resources we will continue to make it better!

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